KLTV Series Cab Chassis Truck

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KLTV Series
Cab Chassis Truck

Kia developed its Light Tactical Vehicle with great mobility and high survivability that best suits a changed battle environment and efficient tactical operations based on its long-accumulated technology and infrastructure for commercial and military vehicles.
This KLTV240 is a cab chassis truck that provides versatility for various add-on superstructure modules.

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  • 225-HP diesel engine

    A high-performance eco-friendly diesel engine which boasts strong horsepower and torque optimized for military purpose with its unyielding power, excellent fuel economy and super durability.

  • Air conditioner

    Provides a pleasant environment to riders all the time and secures visibility of a driver by defrosting the windshield.

  • 8-Speed Automatic transmission

    Enhanced fuel economy, shift quality and driving performance with multi - speeds transmission.

  • Rear-View Camera

    Enhancing safety and parking convenience in reversing.

  • All wheel drive (AWD)

    The all wheel drive function is applied for improving tracking and hauling power, steering capability and stability, and off-road driving power.

  • Mounting special equipment

    Chassis vehicle with flat bed for mounting and connecting equipment on carrying box.

  • Independent suspension

    Ensuring superb riding comfort and stable maneuverability as 4 wheels are independently operated during driving on rough terrain, and exerting strong driving and braking power by enhancing the traction with the road surface.

  • Utilization for driverse purposes

    Special systems are mounted on the vehicle for performing various functions.
    Communication shelter mounted.

  • Hub reduction axle

    Raising the ground clearance of the body by applying the hub reduction portal axle, and enhancing the off-road driving capability on unpaved roads/rough terrains with additional reduction of the gear ratio for the increase of torque.

  • Power Window

    Convenience features to elevate the door automatically.

  • 4 channel ABS

    By judging the amount of slipping of wheels and controlling the brake pressure, maintaining the stability of the vehicle and shortening the braking distance.

  • Hybrid generator(Opt.)

    Enhancing the operational efficiency by supplying power to the equipment through the power generation using the engine’s rotational force and also the power generation while driving or stopping.

  • Winch(Opt.)

    When a vehicle becomes immobile due to obstacles or malfunction, it can be towed or tow itself out.

KLTV Series Cab Chassis Truck
Type Technical Data
Overall length mm 6,050
Overall width mm 2,195
Overall height mm 1,980
Ground Clearance mm 410
GVW kg 7,000
Engine Power ps@rpm 225@3,200
Engine Torque kg·m@rpm 51@1,750
Max. Speed km/h 130
Gradient % 60
Min Turning Radius m 9.2
Fording Depth mm 760
Cruising Range km 560
* All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.
* The new camouflage color of KLTV vehicles has been reflected as of 2019