New Developed Vehicles

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  • New technology

    Run-flat tires
    Keeping conditions of tire intact when bullets hit tire, and making it able to drive for 48 km at speed of 48 km/h
    Central tire inflation system (CTIS)
    Regulation of tire pressure via operation of switches inside the cabin for escaping from soft ground that does not permit normal operation
    Bulletproof cabin
    Cabin of practical gradient structure design for improved bulletproof capability
    Hybrid system
    Development of series type hybrid drive system(4x4) with diesel engine and electric motor
    Rear Wheeled Steering System
    To minimize the turning radius and tire wearing when cornering, the simultaneously interlocked steering front and rear axle is possible throughout the receipt of steering angle signal from front axle
  • Medium Tactical

  • New 2½Ton, 5Ton
    Cargo Truck