Production Capacity

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Overview of Plant
Division content
Production models Main line : ¼ton to 5ton vehicles
Secondary line : 15ton and special vehicles
Production capacity 0,000 vehicles/year
Production mode Lot production of each vehicle model
Division content
Assembly conveyor Total 198 m
(Chassis and trimming line)
Line processes 43 processes
(chassis, trimming, special equipment)
Area 16,381㎡
  • Production factory entrance

  • Axles installation

  • Engine mounting

  • Radiator module

  • Cabin, Side mirrors, Doors assembly

  • Headlamps, Windshield assembly

  • Engine room ECU, harness

  • Cab mounting

  • Engine room assembly

  • Tires installation

  • Wheel alignment

  • Painting(Camouflage)

Defense Quality Management System

System for certifying quality management system of military supplies manufacturers by government agency.
- Evaluating operation and management of Defense quality management system of military supplies manufacturers for improvement and competency

Acquisition and management of certificates
* Systematic review of relationship among organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, and resources established by KIA Motors
for satisfying the requirements of customers for military supplies.

Continuous Management and Improvement