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What is a Tatical Vehicle?

Vehicle of high mobility and capability for deriving maximum tactical efficiency with bulletproofing for protection of human lives,
and standing from dangerous environmental conditions such as extreme hot and cold, flooding, etc.

  • Gradeability (Side/longituninal slope)

  • Fording capacity (Approach/departure angle)

  • Environmental adaptability

  • Prevention of electromagnetic
    wave interference

  • Bulletproof vehicle body (metal sheet, glass, and composite materials)

  • Run-flat tires (allowing driving even after tire is hit by bullets)

Non-Glossy Painting and Camouflage

Preventing vehicle corrosion, and protecting vehicle from detection by direct observation (visual, or photo)
and indirect observation (infrared camera)

Military Civilian vehicle
Clear coating is added to
civilian vehicles for the
glossy look
Progress Orientation of Tactical Vehicle
Items First-generation (1977~) Second-generation (1997~) Third-generation (2016~)

'78 ¼-ton standard vehicle

'97 civilian jeeps for military

All Terrain Vehicle

'80 1¼-ton standard vehicle

'03 Improvement of capabilities

Light Tactical Vehicle


'77 2½-ton standard vehicle

'03 Improvement of capabilities

New 2.5ton, 5ton Vehicle

'77 5-ton standard vehicle

'03 Improvement of capabilities

Medium Tactical Vehicle


'01 commercial trucks for military use

Large Tactical Vehicle


Localization of U.S. vehicles

Improvement of performances
- Mounting Kia own-developed engines

Developing Korean unique model
(Realizing world-class quality and performance)