KM250 Series Shop Van

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KM250 Series
Shop Van

The company has developed a 2-1/2 ton service shop van with improved horsepower/mobility, convenience, and stability by mounting a special equipment section for electric equipment on the standard chassis of the 2-1/2 ton cargo truck, and the van body of current service shop vehicle.

  • Separable van body

    Steel structure of separated cab and van body
    Interphone for communicating with cab

  • Indoor structure of the van body for efficient servicing

    External power receptacles (AC 220V/DC 24V) for proxy servicing
    Fluorescent lamps, fan, and heater installed on the ceiling
    Ladder installed for easy access
    Tool box with locking device for keeping tools for servicing
    Oxygen welding machine mounted
    Worktable, part box, tabletop tools (grinder, drill and vice) installed
    Control box for controlling electric equipment

KM250 Series Shop Van
Type Technical Data
Overall length mm 6,920
Overall width mm 2,500
Overall height mm 3,400
GVW kg 10,480
Max. Speed km/h 95
Max. Horsepower ps@rpm 180@2,900
Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 51@1,600
Gradeability % 60
Fording Depth mm 760
Ground Clearance mm 270
Min. Turning Radius m 11.0
Range km 600
* All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.