KM450 Series Ambulance

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KM450 Series
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  • The ambulance truck is mounted with an integrated shelter that is equipped with emergency rescue medical devices on the 1-1/4 ton standard chassis for improving the operation convenience of medical staff and patients. It was developed for the purpose of eliminating troubles that had resulted from aging and the deficient power of the conventional ambulance truck.

    • Efficient structure

      Integrated structure of rescue chamber and cab
      There is a door between the cab and rescue chamber for easy access

    • Maximizes the transportation of patients

      Up to 8 walking patients, or 4 patients on stretchers
      Urgent treatment of patients and operations in the field by military nurses and emergency medical devices on the truck

    • Ensures convenience allowing medical staff to administer proper medival treatment

      Space for accommodating various emergency treatment equipment and drugs
      Roof-on cooler mounted (ROOF ON COOLER TYPE)
      1 fan, 2 medical lightings, 4 indoor lightings, 2 hooks for Ringer's solution bottles, oxygen cylinder bin, and medical device bin

    KM450 Series Ambulance
    Type Technical Data
    Overall length mm 5,710
    Overall width mm 2,180
    Overall height mm 2,750
    GVW kg 4,900
    Max. Speed km/h 104
    Max. Horsepower kg·m@rpm 139@2,900
    Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 38@1,600
    Gradeability % 60
    Fording Depth mm 760
    Ground Clearance mm 250
    Min. Turning Radius m 8.5
    Range km 700
    * All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.