KM450 Series Chassis / Shelter Cargo

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KM450 Series
Chassis / Shelter Cargo
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    • Chassis
    • Shelter Cargo
    The KM450 Chassis truck is that the cab-chassis 1-1/4-ton cargo truck has removed the deck for mounting various systems on the
    rear of the truck (e.g., fire command controller, and information encryption system). The KM450 Shelter Cargo is that the KM450 cargo truck has removed the troop sheet and bow from the deck for mounting the shelters that are required for military operations.
    • Engine/Power train and frame

      Environmentally friendly 139 hp diesel engine, and optimized power train with 5 Speed manual transmission and 2 Speed transfer case

      Configuring optimal frame of vehicle for mounting chassis system

    • Mounting special equipment(Chassis)

      Chassis vehicle with connection brackets for mounting and connecting equipment on carrying box

    • Utilization for diverse purposes

      Special systems are mounted on the vehicle for performing various functions
      Communication shelter (S-251K series) mounted
      Special systems are mounted on the vehicle for the operation of shelters

    • Deck (Shelter Cargo)

      Loading capacity: 6㎥ (2,358mm x 1,776mm)
      Loading weight: 2,500kg (on pavement road)

    • Hauling system

      The hauling hook is installed on the rear of vehicle for connecting the trailer to the vehicle (hauling weight on a paved road: 2,000 kg)
      Receptacle for supplying 24-V power

    • Differential locking device (NSD)

      This is mounted on the differential on the rear axles for ensuring driving on any surface conditions including damp ground and/or icy and sandy surfaces.

    • Winch (optional)

      Remote control power-driven winch mounted on the front of vehicle
      Maximum hauling power: 3,600 kg or more

    KM450 Series Chassis / Shelter Cargo
    Type Technical Data
    Overall length mm 5,460
    Overall width mm 2,180
    Overall height mm (Cabin:2,110)
    GVW kg 2,xxx (Complete Vehicle 4,680 and less)
    Max. Speed km/h 104
    Max. Horsepower kg·m@rpm 139@2,900
    Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 38@1,600
    Gradeability % 60
    Fording Depth mm 760
    Ground Clearance mm 254
    Min. Turning Radius m 8.5
    Range km 700
    * All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.