KM500 Series Cargo Truck

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KM500 Series
Cargo Truck

This 5-ton vehicle is for transporting materials and soldiers. The vehicle was developed for military use by adding an engine with higher horsepower,
a reinforced power train, and improving the usage of instruments and switches.

  • Engine/power train and frame

    Six-cylinder diesel engine with 270 hp
    Optimized power train with 5 Speed manual transmission and 2 Speed transfer case

  • Utilization for diverse purposes

    Detachable soft-top over cabin, and a water-proof tarpaulin (support-beam) over rear deck
    Folding windshield for increasing versatility on the battlefield

  • Instrument panel

    Simple and highly legible instrument panel
    Tachometer (accumulator), rotation speed gauge, fuel gauge, cooling water thermometer, oil manometer, voltmeter, and air pressure gauge

  • Deck

    Loading capacity: 15.6㎥ (4,267mm x 2,235mm)
    Loading weight: 10,000kg
    Detachable floor sheets, and water-proof tarpaulin for the deck

  • Differential locking device (NSD)

    This is mounted on the differential on the rear axles for ensuring driving on any surface conditions including damp ground and/or icy and sandy surfaces.

  • Hauling system

    The hauling hook is installed on the rear of vehicle for connecting the trailer to the vehicle (hauling weight on a paved road: 13,605 kg)
    Receptacle for supplying 24-V power

  • Winch (optional)

    Remote control power-driven winch mounted on the front of vehicle
    Maximum hauling power: 9,070 kg or more

KM500 Series Cargo Truck
Type Technical Data
Overall length mm 7,790
Overall width mm 2,500
Overall height mm 3,000
GVW kg 20,000
Max. Speed km/h 88
Max. Horsepower ps@rpm 270@2,200
Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 98@1,400
Gradeability % 60
Fording Depth mm 760
Ground Clearance mm 270
Min. Turning Radius m 12.9
Range km 600
* All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.