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KIA Motors is the sole research institute for development of Korean military vehicles.

Military Vehicle Development + Production SystemKia Motors Exclusively

Since being appointed as Korea’s defense industry company in 1973, Kia Motors has been fulfilling its role as the sole research institute for development of Korean military vehicles, along with operating its production systems. The company continues provide its top notch system guaranteeing maximum combat power sustained by various vehicle types that satisfy the requirements of military authorities, strategic experiences, and ideal logistics support.

Moreover, as a popular automaker within its Hyundai Motors Group, Kia Motors proactively utilizes its basic infrastructure such as production facilities and standardization of edge-cut technologies applied to commercial passenger cars and its parts including engines/transmissions for improving overall competitiveness of military vehicles as well as reducing cost to make economical contribution to Korea’s national defense forces.

Based on its recognized quality of its military vehicles, tried and tested by the military forces of Korea, Kia supplies vehicles to 20 foreign counties including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Chile. The company also makes local productions in foreign countries to support their industrialization, in cooperation with their governments. These situations help securing mutually beneficial military and diplomatic partnerships/relationships with those countries.

Guaranteeing Maximum Combat Power
  • Development Various Vehicles
  • Strategic Experience
  • Integrated Logistics Support

Kia Motors will continue to commit its best efforts to make further advancement in development of military vehicles for the military forces of Korea, thereby improving mobilization of the military forces.

With the innovative new products armed with high mobility and capabilities, as well as the creation of new market, Kia will claim its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers by 2020.

We cordially welcome your kind interest and support in Kia’s innovations and dramatic challenges for the future. We promise to lead the future Korean military mobilization systems with our advanced technologies.

Thank you.