KM424 106㎜ Recoilless Rifle Carrier

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KM424 106㎜ Recoilless Rifle Carrier

Special design for systematic mounting structure, Human engineering space considering the gunner’s safety and convenience. Solid chassis frame is designed absorbing impact at firing.
The carrier vehicle is designed to provide solid support when the cannon is fired.
The Body is also designed for easy of operation and maximum safety to operators.
A sturdy frame, powerful engine and optimal design enable the KM424 106mm recoilless rifle carrier to spearhead a military attack most effectively.

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KM424 106㎜ Recoilless Rifle Carrier


  • Seating & Rifle Mount Support

    The mount support prevents bending due to stress from transport, firing, and metal fatigue

    Seats for 3 soldiers

    The gunner’s and assistant’s seats can be folded

  • Rifle-Mount Wheel Stopper

    The stopper secure the wheel of the riffle mount

  • Spare Tire

    Mounted just ahead of the front passenger door



Specification Type
Type KM424 106㎜ Recoilless Rifle Carrier
Overall length mm 3,900
Overall width mm 1,930
Overall height mm 1,740
GVW kg 2,270
Max. Speed km/h 115
Max. Horsepower ps@rpm 91@4,000
Max. Torque kg·m@rpm 20.5@2,000
Gradeability % 60
Fording Depth mm 510
Ground Clearance mm 220
Min. Turning Radius m 5.14
Range km 550

* All information is subject to change without notice according to any further improvements or operational environments.